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Student Services at Ƶ

The Sydney College of Divinity (Ƶ) offers a range of services to provide support and ensure that the learning and wellbeing needs of our students are met. We are committed to maintaining an environment that is welcoming, safe, inclusive and respectful for all students and staff. Services provided by our Member Colleges are built around the location of the college and their study program.

In general, Ƶ students should be able to access all of the following through their Member College:


The Student Support Officer, usually the Registrar of the Member College, is there to assist all students with admission and ongoing study needs and queries. The Student Support Officer is the point of contact to assist students with:

  • study information
  • enrolment advice
  • security and safety concerns
  • health services information
  • counselling / chaplaincy services information
  • legal services information
  • harassment / inappropriate behavior reporting
  • hazard and critical incident reporting
  • health and safety policies and procedures

Lecturers, librarians and other staff are available to provide ongoing academic support to all students. Online libraries, workshops, tutorials, written resources and handbooks provide additional anytime support.

Students have access to Studiosity, an online one-on-one out of hours student support service to assist with their written work. Students can access Studiosity 24/7 on-demand to get help with academic literacy skills.

Sydney College of Divinity students can access TalkCampus, an app that provides support for mental health. TalkCampus is a safe social network instantly connecting students with the right people any time of day in a safe, effective and encouraging environment.

Pastoral care is the backbone of our colleges. Chaplaincy services and dedicated staff are available to help students with their spiritual journey and to provide counsel. Ƶ teaching faculty are research-active and experienced, but are also practitioners actively engaged in local ministry, often ordained ministers.

Each campus-based Member College of Ƶ has facilities tailored to its individual campus, but access to WiFi, computers, study spaces, library, leisure spaces and kitchenette are available across all campuses.

Campus-based Member Colleges have chapel and worship spaces where students partake in regular worship services that may be part of the curriculum. Students may be able to use the spaces for personal devotional time and/or for group devotions. 

Member Colleges are engaged with the wider community through their affiliated church, partnerships with organisations and/or other colleges, and academic and social programs. Students may have an opportunity to participate in activities and thereby engage in a discourse with an extended community to build relationships and networks for good academic and social outcomes. Colleges hold symposiums, conferences, workshops and other similar activities that are academically stimulating and provide a platform for students to engage with people from around the globe who have similar interests.

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