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Sydney College of Divinity is a leading higher education provider of theological degrees in English and Korean. Our courses range from an introductory level one-year diploma to an in-depth masters program. We focus on the disciplines of Biblical Studies, Christian Life and Ministry, Humanities in the Christian Tradition, and Theology.

We have study programs to suit people with different learning backgrounds, both academic and professional. Our course structures allow students to choose units and shape their learning to achieve their purpose for study, be it for ordained ministry, lay service, integration with their professional work and/or for personal growth.

To study a Sydney College of Divinity award students must enrol with one of our teaching colleges, each with its rich and varied Christian tradition and heritage. Our ecumenical identity means that you can learn about that which is different. You can take a peep out of your provincial perspective and open yourself to the bigger picture.


A degree from the Sydney College of Divinity better prepares and equips you for ministry in a changing environment. Our undergraduate awards are delivered by our teaching institutions who offer flexible study options, varied delivery modes, well represented library collections, quality student support and facilities, and practitioner research active faculty.

Postgraduate (Coursework)

Postgraduate coursework gives you the scope to develop subject matter expertise in an area you’re passionate about. It consists of units of study that are taught in a similar format to undergraduate learning, such as lectures, tutorials, assignments and exams.

Our postgraduate coursework awards are delivered by our teaching institutions. Find the course for you and study with one or more of our teaching institutions, benefiting from the ecumenical nature of the Sydney College of Divinity.

Postgraduate (Research)

The Sydney College of Divinity is an excellent research centre, and a leading intellectual and creative resource to the communities it serves. It is characterised by a broad and balanced application of learning which focuses on preparing the next generation of Christian teachers and scholars. The Sydney College of Divinity aims to ‘encourage theological scholarship which is ecumenically sensitive and relevant to issues of culture and society in Australia and Oceania.’

Postgraduate Research provides the opportunity for professional development in ministry at the highest academic level and thereby, through a period of systematic reflection on the practice of ministry and by a critical, creative and academically informed investigation, to make a distinct contribution to the profession.

If you are considering a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) email us at [email protected] for a conversation with our Research Director. Applications for candidature are made directly to the Sydney College of Divinity and are accepted throughout the year.


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