Postgraduate (Research) Courses

Postgraduate (Research)

The Sydney College of Divinity is an excellent research centre, and a leading intellectual and creative resource to the communities it serves. It is characterised by a broad and balanced application of learning which focuses on preparing the next generation of Christian teachers and scholars. The Sydney College of Divinity aims to ‘encourage theological scholarship which is ecumenically sensitive and relevant to issues of culture and society in Australia and Oceania.’

Postgraduate Research provides the opportunity for professional development in ministry at the highest academic level and thereby, through a period of systematic reflection on the practice of ministry and by a critical, creative and academically informed investigation, to make a distinct contribution to the profession.

If you are considering a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) email us at [email protected] for a conversation with our Research Director. Applications for candidature are made directly to the Sydney College of Divinity and are accepted throughout the year.


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