Member Colleges

Member Colleges

Our Member Colleges are private colleges teaching the Sydney College of Divinity awards. We have intentionally embraced an ecumenical approach, through which the traditions and needs of individual Member Colleges are addressed collegially, on a principle of flexibility within strong, clear frameworks.

All our awards are delivered on the basis of a single shared curriculum and central academic governance structure.

The current Member Colleges are:

Australian College of Christian Studies

Australian College of Ministries

BBI The Australian Institute of Theological Education (BBI-TAITE)

NAIITS An Indigenous Learning Community

Nazarene Theological College

Nisibis Assyrian Theological College

NSW College of Clinical Pastoral Education

Olivet Theological Seminary

Perth Bible College

Planetshakers College

Sparrows College

St Andrew’s Greek Orthodox Theological College

St Cyril’s Coptic Orthodox Theological College


Ƶ Schools

In addition to our Member Colleges, the Sydney College of Divinity through its school, Ƶ Graduate Research School, delivers Higher Degree by Research.


Further information on our Member Colleges and Ƶ Schools can be found below:

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