Who We Are

Who We Are

Sydney College of Divinity aims to manifest the unity of the church by the witness it gives to cooperation in theological education.  The Sydney College of Divinity espouses an intentional ecumenicity that brings together a wide range of Christian traditions. 

Sydney College of Divinity is a collaboration of colleges from different traditions who are its Member Colleges. Currently the Sydney College of Divinity has thirteen Member Colleges delivering its undergraduate and postgraduate (coursework) awards in English.

Additionally, The Sydney College of Divinity through its Graduate Research School delivers postgraduate (research) awards, and postgraduate (coursework) awards respectively.

Our Member Colleges belong to different Christian denominations. They are established colleges who have been teaching theology for decades. They have the heart, mission-mindedness, experience and commitment to build Christians to fulfil their calling. Many are engaged with other Christian missions and partner with colleges around the globe to bring you the best learning and teaching methodologies and practices to ensure that they are meeting the changing needs of ministry. Together, Sydney College of Divinity and its Member Colleges celebrate faith in Christ and life in the Spirit, and you as a student will be a part of it as you experience the ecumenical nature of Sydney College of Divinity.


Benefits of Studying with Sydney College of Divinity:

  • Enrol in any of the colleges based on your preference – location, delivery mode, Christian tradition, personal and professional interests.
  • Choose and study units across any Member Colleges while enrolled in a degree with one college.
  • Learn about that which is different. You can take a peep out of your provincial perspective and open yourself to the bigger picture. Ecumenism is a way of living that dares to think globally and live trustfully with differences in community.
  • Determine the appropriate mode of delivery for your degree program and units, as each college offers a range of study options.
  • Be mentored, taught, and challenged by experienced, qualified and practitioner lecturers as our faculty co-teach across the Member Institution colleges.
  • Have the opportunity to enrol in intensives delivered at any college and learn from guest lecturers who are often internationally acclaimed scholars.


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