Commencing Study

Commencing Study at Ƶ

Commencing study is exciting, and your college Registrar, faculty, and other staff will support you as a new student. Below is some information to assist you as you get started:

Next steps

Attend your orientation day. It is an important day as you will receive key information about your study program, experience tours to familiarise you with the campus and its facilities, including the library, meet faculty, and have the opportunity to ask questions.

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Familiarise yourself with your course regulations and structure. Plan your unit enrolments to ensure you meet to core unit requirements for your course.

If you have any questions or need advise, please get in touch with your college Registrar.

Once you have been admitted into your course you will need to enrol in your units through you college. Make sure you are familiar with the core units you will need to complete, your college can provide advice on this as well as information about the scheduling of units and the enrolment process.

Check your reading and book lists, and ensure you have purchased any required text books for your enrolled units ahead of time.

Tuition fees are due prior to the commencement of a unit of study, unless fees are being deferred on FeeHELP.

If you withdraw prior to the Census Date the tuition fees are refunded (less any administration fee charged by the college). If the withdrawal is after the Census Date the tuition fees are not refunded.

Make a note of all the key days and save them with reminders. Key dates include orientation, study term dates, last date to pay your fees, Census Dates, class dates and times, exam dates and assessment due dates.

There may be penalties and repercussions if you miss dates, for eg if you withdraw from a unit after Census Date you will receive a fail on your transcript for the unit and not have your fees refunded.

Student ID card cards are available on request through your college Registrar.

For students studying online, content will be delivered through the college’s Learning Management System (LMS).

For students studying on campus, you may be provided access to the campus WIFI and computers.

All students will have access to e-books and digital resources through Ƶ’s online library.

Speak to the Registrar and/or Librarian of your college if you have not been provided access (eg login details) and instructions on how to use the systems.

Ƶ has 11 libraries spread across the campuses of our Member Colleges. All libraries are available to all Ƶ students, however users are advised to contact the individual libraries for opening hours, and other key regulations including borrowing, renewal, loan period, and late penalties as they may vary across the libraries.

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A network of support is made available to our students. This may include counselling, chaplaincy, financial and other support programs and facilities to ensure your well being and safety. Check with your Registrar who is the Student Support Officer and save their details for easy access as the Officer will be your first point of contact for all your needs and concerns. All Ƶ current students can download the TalkCampus app that provides students mental health support.

Be familiar with the Sydney College of Divinity policies. Access Studiosity,  Sydney College of Divinity approved external study and writing skills support service, or any other learning support programs offered, if required.