Dr. James R. Harrison Appointed as Inaugural Distinguished Professor

20 November 2023

The Sydney College of Divinity (An Australian Ƶ College) is thrilled to announce the appointment of Dr. James R. Harrison as our inaugural Distinguished Professor. 

Dr Harrison has been Professor of Biblical Studies and the Research Director at the Sydney College of Divinity, Australia, since 2013, stepping aside in July 2023. Formerly, he was the Head of Theology at Wesley Institute and prior to that the Director of the School of Christian Studies at Robert Menzies College, Macquarie Ƶ.

Jim has been a member of the Society of New Testament Studies since 2011 and is a Fellow of the Australian Humanities Academy. With Professor L. L. Welborn (Fordham), he co-convened the Polis and Ekklesia Session at the SBL Annual Meeting (2011-2016) and, with Professor Peter Arzt-Grabner (Salzburg), he currently co-convenes the ‘Papyrology, Epigraphy and the New Testament’ Seminar at the annual SNTS General Meeting (2019-2024). He has published four monographs, edited 17 books (with 7 new edited books forthcoming in 2024), and has published 18 articles and over 70 book chapters with international presses. He is the editor of the series New Documents Illustrating the History of Early Christianity Vols 11-17 (SBL Press), each volume comprising two books, and is co-editor, with L. L. Welborn, of The First Urban Churches Vols 1-9 (Vols 1-7, 2015-2022, SBL Press), with two final volumes appearing in 2024-2025. Before his academic career, he taught ancient history in two state high schools from 1976-1990. A collection of essays in his honour, God’s Grace Inscribed on the Human Heart (Ƶ Press) was published as a Festschrift in the Early Christian Studies Series (Volume 23) in 2022 with contributions from 35 authors. His new monograph on the Gospel of Luke, Jesus, Agent of Mercy and Forgiveness: Jewish and Graeco-Roman Social Perspectives in Luke’s Gospel, will appear with Brepols Press.

This appointment reflects Dr Harrison’s exceptional contribution to the field. His new role will involve the mentoring of research students and faculty as well as continuing to research and publish in his areas of interest, embracing the intersection of the New Testament documents with the Graeco-Roman world and Second Temple Judaism.

As a Distinguished Professor, Dr. Harrison will continue to enrich our academic community by sharing his expertise through lectures, seminars, and collaborations with faculty and students. His presence as part of our faculty promises to inspire the next generation of scholars and contribute to the ongoing intellectual growth of our Ƶ College.

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